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  • The words 'Screen reader check: TIDAL widget' embedded into multiple Tidal logos with different opacity. Screen reader check: TIDAL widget

    Let's find out how my favorite streaming service's widget performs with screen readers. And how NVDA dominates them all! πŸ’ͺ

  • Illustration with various shapes and colors containing the words 'How to: Cancel a Figma subscription'. How to: Cancel a Figma subscription

    You think it's easy to cancel their subscription? Think again, they perfected the art of deceptive patterns.

  • Comic panel showing Batman slapping Robin with his left hand. Robin says: 'Accessibility has failed' and Batman say 'Shut up, Jakob'. Shut up, Jakob

    Me getting very angry about an out-of-touch web accessibility influencer.

  • Background: Big crowd in a room in front of a stage, seen from the side. Foreground: Title saying 'Developer & design conferences (in Europe)' Developer & design conferences (in Europe)

    Mostly smaller conferences recommended by the cool kids on Mastodon. ❀️ Suggest something and I might add it to the list!

  • Foreground: Celebrating women in music. Background. Eight album cover artworks. Celebrating women in music

    It's international women's fight day. ✊ A day to celebrate the superior sex and worship them and their music!

  • The title in the center says 'Create a custom theme in iA Presenter (reworked)'. Below is a fan of colorful iA Presenter slides Create a custom theme in iA Presenter (reworked)

    No disrespect to the iA team, but their documentation had plenty of room for improvement. I hope this will be a useful reference to you. πŸ€—

  • WCAG? More like, W-what?! WCAG? More like, W-what?!

    Three resources (text, map and video) to help you better understand the WCAG.

  • Orange background with a writing saying 'Screen reader check: SoundCloud widget' Screen reader check: SoundCloud widget

    Inspired by one Mastodon post, I tested how JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver and Narrator interact with this widget.

  • Background: Light pink color. Foreground: Many # symbols and in between are the words 'Easy web accessibility wins: Hashtags'. Easy web accessibility wins: Hashtags

    Is there a way to create hashtags that work for everyone? I did some screen reader testing and was surprised by the outcome!

  • Kora Winter band logo and the austrian flag Tour blog: Kora Winter in Austria

    Travelling Austria with a metal band and doing live sound in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg.

  • Background: Rapper X-Zibit laughing meme. Foreground: X marks the spot: Landmark elements X marks the spot: Landmark elements

    It's not like I hate WAI-ARIA, but often it's better to stick to what the internet gods have given us: Native HTML!

  • Chalk board with the words 'Preparing for the WAS exam (learning web accessibility)' on it Preparing for the WAS exam

    Gotta level up my web accessibility skills so I'm gonna prepare for getting a certificate. But I'm not gotta take the exam. 😏 (Maybe I will, though.)

  • A person wearing a red hoodie and touching their head with both hands. Instead of eyes, the person has a smiley face with two X's, created with a long exposure. Above the person it says 'target = blank FTW'. Should links open in a new tab?

    The answer will probably not surprise you very much, as there are not many plausible use cases for this practice. In other words, it depends.

  • Illustration showing my six favourite books of 2023 Books I read in 2023

    Six books I enjoyed in 2023, mostly novels and biographies. Featuring Trevor Noah, Dave Grohl and more!

  • Scissor with orange handles in front of a light blue background. The words 'Success Criterion 1.4.10 Reflow' are fragmented and seem to be cut off. Also the word 'Reflow' has been truncated. Should text be truncated?

    A CSS feature that should have never made into to production, and why you sh...

  • Two visually impaired people sit at a table cluttered with art supplies, both wearing glasses. On the left, the South Asian person with facial hair uses watercolor to paint flowers. A reference book and a pair of reading glasses rests behind them. Across the table, the Black person with short hair examines a small figurine through a magnifying glass that's centered on an eye. The craft area is warmly lit by two desk lamps and the illustration background is a yellow green. Creating more inclusive workspaces

    Usage of pronouns, how to address groups, inappropriate emojis and more.

  • Tidal Wrapped 2023 TIDAL "Wrapped" 2023

    My favorite tunes from the year Tina Turner died, Twitter turned X and mass shootings in the U.S. reached a new all-time high.

  • Abstract illustration of different interface layers on a smartphone My thoughts on accessibility overlays

    Predicting what will happen and a couple useful links.